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Brady Corp extends into luxury meal prep business

Tom Bradywon an unprecedented fifth Super Bowl ring last month, but it was the quarterback's victory over Father Time last season that represented his greatest conquest of all.

The inexorable march of time, the prison into which all humankind is born, has proved no match for Brady, who is 39 going on 27. It stands to reason that there's a lot of money to make off this suspended level of greatness. Like, a lot.

Tom Brady ain't no dummy.

(Eat like a goat! He's really leaning into this now.)

Brady's health and fitness empire is expanding. He already had his "TB12" logo slapped on $200 cookbooks, workout equipment, "athlete recovery sleepwear", $50 nuts and more. Now the meal preparation business.

According to, Purple Carrot -- a plant-based meal company -- began selling Brady meals on Tuesday at $78 per week for six entrees. Using basic math -- the ceiling of my limits with numbers -- it will cost you more than $4,000 to eat like Brady for a calendar year.

You get healthier as you get poorer. Tom gets richer as he gets, um, richer. Everybody wins?

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