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Brady celebrates Pats' win by starting a newspaper

I've never been fully convinced Tom Brady has any idea what's being posted on his public Facebook page. It's the type of situation that screams, "I am being operated by a well-compensated social engagement expert!"

But since these dispatches come from an official Tom Brady channel of communication, I find the postings to be periodically noteworthy, and thus, worthy of discussion on this particular forum. Which leads us to Sunday night, shortly after the Patriots toppled the host Cardinals in the first of four games without their suspended quarterback.

The Brady camp celebrated with an illustration.

If you're scoring at home (that would be weird), that's Martellus Bennett and Dont'a Hightower depicted as desert rabble-rousers with a slingshot. Speaking of shots, Cardinals coach Bruce Arians opened his Monday news conference with a cryptic statement.

"Target's in the front, not the back," Arians said, via AZ Central Sports. "When you shoot, make sure you're shooting at the front."

Now, from my perspective, this could be seen as a veiled reference to Brady's social media posting. Bennett and Hightower are using a slingshot, lobbing angry birds at a target that appears to be the back of University of Phoenix Stadium.

Go ahead and doubt my theory. But when this all comes out you'll revere my ability to read between the lines like no one else in the industry.

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