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Bradshaw: I shouldn't have called Tomlin a cheerleader

Terry Bradshaw wants you to know he shouldn't have said that thing that he said.

The Steelers great and current FOX analyst walked back his criticism of Steelers coach Mike Tomlin on Thursday -- to a certain degree.

"I probably shouldn't have said cheerleader," Bradshaw told FS1, according to Sporting News.

Bradshaw, in a move that led to a loud chorus of, "Wait, what?" from the football cognescenti, came after Tomlin pretty good on the FS1 program Speak For Yourself last month, telling co-host Jason Whitlock that Tomlin "never even pops in (his) mind when we think about great coaches." But it was Bradshaw's assertion that Tomlin was a glorified cheerleader that caught fire and led Tomlin to publicly respond.

The Steelers coach called Bradshaw's "cheerleader" comment over the line and disrespectful, before returning fire with a nice Hollywood Henderson dig. Bradshaw believes Tomlin was in the wrong for that.

"Mike came back at me -- which he should have never done," Bradshaw said.

Terry. You called a Super Bowl-winning coach -- a Super Bowl-winning coach for yourSteelers -- a cheerleader. You said you have no idea what he does. You begged for a clap back. Don't act surprised you got it.

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