Bow-and-arrow penalty was real thing that happened

We need to talk about the bow-and-arrow penalty from Sunday.

In case you missed it, Redskins cornerback Josh Norman was flagged for simulated archery after a fourth-quarter interception in a win over the Browns. Norman did the same thing two weeks earlier against the Cowboys and received a warning from game officials. This time, Norman waited until he got to the Redskins sideline before unleashing his celebration. Seconds later, yellow laundry was on the turf.

"I thought they were gonna warn me this time, too. Else, I wouldn't have done it!" Norman explained after the game, according to The Washington Post. "I step to the side, thinking I'd be okay. But they caught me."

Jeff Triplette, tasked with announcing the penalty at FedEx Field, sounded flustered as he relayed the information.

"After the play is over, unsportsmanlike conduct, number 24, shooting a bow and arrow," Triplette said. "That fouls counts as one of those that leads to a disqualification."

It does now?

Enter FOX rules analyst Mike Pereira, who brought an insane amount of gravitas to the subject as a generic hip hop beat played behind him.

"Shooting a bow and arrow is just like simulating shooting guns," Pereira explained with the solemnity of a Supreme Court justice. "It's a foul and it's not allowed."

Josh Norman should just try a different weapon every week until the flags stop coming. Week 5: Slingshot.

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