Boston TV reporter shoves Steelers fan out of his shot

The Steelers and Patriots will meet in the AFC Championship next Sunday, a matchup of the conference's forever millennium superpowers. It's a great, if not mostly one-sided rivalry, and fans of both teams can't wait.

Fans like ... this guy.

One thing I've learned in life: You do not mess with Joe Amorosino's live shot. Ever.

That's a basic life tenet, but the video also presents questions, chiefly, why the hell is a drunk Steelers fan outside Gillette Stadium on Saturday night, the day before Pittsburgh beat the Chiefs to set up their date with the Pats in Foxborough?

It does give me a good idea for an NFL Network show: It's about an elite group of idiots who, upon reaching a certain blood alcohol level, get Quantum Leap'd into different, far more hostile, NFL settings. It's kind of like how the DeLorean has to get up to 88 miles per hour, only with way more Coors Light.

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