Boomer Esiason shares tale of unexpected male nudity

The more you hear about the behind-the-scenes world of the NFL in the '80s and '90s, the more you start to wonder if everyone involved in the league was under the influence of a powerful mind-altering agent.

Former Bengals star Boomer Esiason shared a wild anecdote involving former Cincinnati coach Sam Wyche, a fancy sweatsuit and the kind of full-frontal male nudity usually reserved for a Westworld episode.

According to Esiason, Wyche entered a meeting room two days before a game dressed in a sweatsuit (Boomer: "It was back in the '80s, so everybody had matching sweatsuits) and told Bengals safety David Fulcher that if he played well on Sunday, Wyche would give him said handsome sweatsuit as a reward. The Bengals would go on to win that Sunday in a game Fulcher thrived in.

And that's when things get ... weird.

"Monday morning we come into our meeting and Sam walks in with the sweatsuit and says, 'Dave, you had a great game and I want to give you this sweatsuit.' And takes off the entire sweatsuit," Esiason told CSN New England. He has nothing on underneath and he's standing there in front of us, and he had a Fo-Rock (Fulcher's nickname) medallion made around his neck. So here's the head coach of the NFL standing stark naked in front of us with a Fo-Rock necklace around his neck and he hands the sweatsuit to David Fulcher.

"And nobody is laughing. Everybody is still and quiet and Sam goes about his meeting basically stark naked in front of the entire team."

Remember a few years back when Mike Singletary dropped his pants in front of his players to make a point and everyone painted him as unhinged? Mike Singletary was wearing underwear, people. Sam Wyche would be committed for this same action in 2016.

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