Blown-up sound guy: Stupidest thing I've done on job

We need to check back in with the Sound Guy.

The biggest hit of Week 11 happened before the Vikings and Cardinals even kicked off on Sunday. FOX audio technician Bernie Beaudry made the ill-fated decision to dart in front of a conspicuous Vikings ship at the exact moment the home team raced onto the field. The result was similar to when a Kia Sorrento tries to gun it through a railroad crossing.

Beaudry, 62, survived the hit, and even finished the game. He sustained a cut to his nose and a broken pair of glasses.

"It was the stupidest thing in 20 years doing this job," Beaudry told the Pioneer Press after the game. "I only saw the smoke. I didn't see anybody coming, and then, boom!"

Linval Joseph delivered the biggest blow, the force of his 6-foot-4, 329-pound frame sending the 62-year-old Beaudry crashing to the ground along with his parabolic microphone.

"I was really surprised somebody was there," said Joseph. "I run out of the tunnel plenty of times and I've never seen anybody run across before. I'm glad he's OK. Tell him I'm sorry."

There are better ways to achieve viral fame, but Beaudry will endure. After that hit, there's a chance he's actually invincible.

"I've had a lot of close calls, but this cancels out all of that," he said. "I should have peeked."

For sure.

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