'Blitz For Six' hurtling toward Pats' tailgate near you

Bill Belichick's not kidding around when he says the Patriots don't take any days off. Even when we're begging them to.

ESPN's Darren Rovell reported over the weekend that the Patriots have filed to trademark the phrase "Blitz for Six," a nod to New England's five Super Bowl titles and assumed quest in 2017. The paperwork was dated just two days after the Patriots shocked the Falcons with their insane comeback in Super Bowl LI.

The Pats are very serious about this stuff. Rovell reported that the team filed to trademark "Ignore The Noise" a week before the Super Bowl (smart being proactive with that gem, guys!) and filed for "No Days Off" on the same day Belichick attempted to get a chant of that phrase off the ground at the Patriots' victory parade. The team has received trademarks for "Do Your Job" and "We are all Patriots" (sigh) in recent years.

The Kraft Group also recently received trademarks for "19-0" and "The Perfect Season", which I'm sure Eli Manning chuckles about in quieter moments.

The Patriots are far from the only professional sports team doing their due diligence on this front, but it's always a little bit more fun and sinister-feeling when it's coming out Foxborough. When the Dropkick Murphys release their "Blitz For Six!" fight song next January, just know where all the streaming royalties are headed.

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