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Blerg: Chiefs fans leave stadium before big comeback

Rule 4-8-2-h of the Sports Fan Handbook: Do not leave a game early unless you have a damn good reason for doing so.

A large number of Chiefs fans should have consulted the guide before deciding to throw up deuces on their hometown team on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium.

The Chiefs were trailing the visiting Chargers by 14 points as the fourth quarter began. K.C. ripped off 17 points in the final quarter to force overtime, then won the game on an Alex Smith touchdown run.

Were you one of the red-clad humans who listened to this magical moment in a motor vehicle outside the stadium? As the home team made its surge in the fourth, did you experience a feeling that can be best described as "bittersweet excitement"? When you got home, did a wave of shame wash over you when you realized you were no better than a Miami Heat fan?

Hang in there. We all have bad days. Learn from the experience and get better.

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