Bill O'Brien goes nuts on Houston Texans coaches

Bill O'Brien is my sleeper choice for Head Coach You'd Least Want To Be Screaming At You.

The Texans came out of the first half up 14-3 on the Lions, which is good. However, at the end of the first half, Houston had just 10 men on the field and had to burn a time out, which is bad. This is a fundamental breakdown in communication that really shouldn't happen, and O'Brien made sure his special teams coaches knew it.

BOB goes HAM.

When you're a Belichick disciple like O'Brien, this is the type of mistake that makes you want to break things. People have been banished into the cornfields for less on Patriot Way. Special teams coordinator Larry Izzo, a man of Pats lineage himself, understands this. But no assistant wants to get destroyed by his coach on the sideline.

The Texans went on to win the game, 20-13.

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