Bill Belichick would have to crater to catch Gus Bradley

Weird stats are fun. Especially when they seem too insane to be true.

Like, for instance, this one!

What makes Bradley's particular brand of fail different is the longevity of it all. He is 14-47 as his fourth -- and likely final -- season as Jaguars coach draws to a merciful conclusion, a winning percentage of .230. Jacksonville has gone 4-12, 3-13, 5-11 and 2-11 in the Bradley era. Very few coaches in the modern NFL survive two such seasons, and Bradley will manage to double that in all likelihood.

It's unfair to compare the brilliant career of Bill Belichick to any coach, what with his unbelievable run of success in the Tom Brady years and all, but you need to contrast the worst with the best to find that surreal/wacky tidbit you're looking for.

Belichick is 234-115 (.670) in his 22 seasons as head coach. He would have to lose 671 straight games to dip below the .230 mark. He'd also have to be still coaching when he was 106 years old, so look for The Hooded One to steer clear of infamy here.

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