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Bill Belichick will probably be a solid grandfather

Bill Belichick is a grandpa.

The 64-year-old Patriots coach began his Tuesday press conference with the announcement that his son, Steve, has become a father. Huzzah!

"We have a roster addition to announce this morning. It's a little different than the usual one and the emphasis would be on little," Belichick told the assemblage. "We can add newborn Blakely Rose to the depth chart. She was born this morning to my son Steve [Belichick] and the real 'MVP', Jen, so this is a happy and exciting day for all of us."

("... the real MVP, Jen" is a classic gym teacher sports analogy to bust out in this spot.)

The first instinct is to assume that Belichick would be one of those gruff grandfathers who don't say much and just start to blend into the living room after awhile. I had two grandfathers and neither were overly emotive men. One called me a meatball pretty much every time he saw me. But I'm going to say Belichick goes in the other direction. I can see the ol' tactician as a sweet and warm figure.

Think Vito Corleone in the garden.

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