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Best and most questionable 2017 NFL Draft picks: AFC North

Editor's note: This week, analyst Lance Zierlein takes a look at the best and most questionable picks in the 2017 NFL Draft for every team, continuing today with the AFC North teams:

Note: Click through the tabs above to see Zierlein's selections for each team.


Baltimore Ravens

Best pick:Tyus Bowser, OLB, Houston (Round 2, No. 47 overall)
The skinny: Bowser's growth from his junior year to his senior year is an example of the ascending nature of his play. In grabbing Bowser with the 47th pick, the Ravens added one of the most explosive edge athletes in the draft. His best football is still to come.

Most questionable pick:Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama (Round 1, No. 16 overall)
The skinny: I love Humphrey's toughness and ability to attack in run support. However, I'm worried about how long it is going to take Humphrey to learn to play the deep ball. Will he ever become accustomed to it? That is a huge concern.


Cincinnati Bengals

Best pick:Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma (Round 2, No. 48 overall)
The skinny: I had no issue with the teams that removed Mixon from their draft board due to character concerns, but this pick gets the nod here because of its potential to be a great value -- Mixon was one of the top running backs available. He gives the Bengals a player who can handle the roles of both Jeremy Hill and Gio Bernard. Of course, this pick turns into a disaster if Mixon is involved in another off-field incident in the future.

Most questionable pick:John Ross, WR, Washington (Round 1, No. 9 overall)
The skinny: I get the pick. Ross has electrifying speed and could force defenses to back away from any double teams against A.J. Green. However, I spoke with some teams that are concerned about his medical evaluation and felt like Ross shouldn't have gone in the first round. With two receivers being picked in the top seven, the Bengals might have felt pressured to act quickly.


Cleveland Browns

Best pick:David Njoku, TE, Miami (Round 1, No. 29 overall)
The skinny:Myles Garrett could easily be the pick here, but he was a no-brainer at No. 1. Instead, I want to give the Browns credit for moving back into the first round to secure a tight end with immense upside who should eventually have the ability to affect the game both as a blocker and pass-catcher.

Most questionable pick:Caleb Brantley, DT, Florida (Round 6, No. 185 overall)
The skinny: While Joe Mixon had his issues, they occurred in 2014 and that case has been settled. Cleveland drafted Brantley even though he's facing a misdemeanor battery charge and Browns executive vice president Sashi Brown has admitted that the team might not end up keeping him.


Pittsburgh Steelers

Best pick:JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR, USC (Round 2, No. 62 overall)
The skinny: We all know Antonio Brown is the man in Pittsburgh, but the Steelers' offense is in desperate need of another reliable target with size and they added one in Smith-Schuster. He isn't going to get wide open out of his routes, but he's good with contested catches, he can work over the middle and he's a willing blocker.

Most questionable pick:Brian Allen, DB, Utah (Round 5, No. 173 overall)
The skinny: For all of Allen's length and speed, he could struggle in the NFL because he's simply not aggressive enough in run support. If he doesn't improve in that area, he will have a hard time sticking with the Steelers for very long.

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