Bennett bro fighting good fight against NFL romper use

The world doesn't make sense anymore, as a chaotic mixture of external and internal elements have coalesced to create the land of confusion that Phil Collins foretold a generation ago.

Out of uncertainty has come the cloth and stitch manifestation of the anger, loathing and disillusion that circles us like buzzards in the barren desert. It is the male romper.

Look at these idiots.

The male romper existed on a parallel cultural plane to the National Football League until Cam Newton showed up at Coachella last month. Honestly, the only surprise here was that Odell didn't rock it first.

Brooklyn Decker -- SI swimsuit model, wife of Andy Roddick and one-time co-host of a wonderful web series with Dr. Z -- loved Newton's Coachella outfit so much she reached out to the Panthers.

A suspiciously knowledgeable outsider chimed in with some pertinent details, including a stunning reveal about Newton's "one-piece".

Hoo boy. I don't always get behind the zany opinions of the Bennett brothers, but take us home Marty.

Packers vs. Panthers. Week 15.

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