Ben Affleck's reaction to Pats stumble is pretty great

Hollywood star Ben Affleck is a huge Patriots fan. If you have even a passing connection with popular culture, you're probably aware of this. He also went crazy talking about Deflategate on premium cable this summer, which did a nice job reminding everybody.

Being a handsome movie star isn't all glamour and sunshine, though. Sometimes when you want to be sitting on your couch watching your favorite NFL team on a Sunday, you're instead trapped on an endless press junket promoting your latest movie.

That's what happened to Affleck on Sunday. At one point, Affleck used a down moment to ask how his beloved Pats were doing in their home matchup against the Bills. His reaction is pretty great:

"Rex Ryan?" (after a beat) "F---."

The folks operating the Buffalo Bills' Twitter account saw an opening and pounced.

Do I have to give some reference context to the millennials out there (counts back from 2016 to 1997) ... OK, yeah I probably should. Here you go.

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