Beckham sends message to critics ... through cleats

The most tedious storyline of the offseason revolved around Odell Beckham Jr. and the needless hand-wringing over his decision not to attend a few voluntary offseason practices with the New York Giants.

The constant headlines garnered by Beckham's decision served as consistent TV gab and headline fodder for media entities across the country (our website wasn't entirely innocent here). When Beckham arrived at Giants mandatory minicamp this week, he decided to send a message in a very Odell Beckham kind of way.

Hey, when you just signed the biggest shoe deal in NFL history, your language is shoes. I get it.

Here's a shot of Beckham wearing the cleats -- this has to be the work of the famed "Kickasso" -- in practice on Tuesday.

And one more ...

A close gander of the cleats reveals a design that features the stylized logos of the New York Post, TMZ, ESPN and the Wall Street Journal (which one is not like the others?). All the entities have a red "X" over the name or "Shhhhhhh".

Beckham isn't an easy guy to figure out, but you can empathize with the frustrations he must feel living his life in a 24/7 fish bowl. His constant media coverage in the past month served as a reminder. Try to take a walk in the man's sho ... cleats.

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