Beckham, Bell miffed Elliott not fined for kettle jump

Ezekiel Elliottdonated himself to the Salvation Army on Sunday night, a terrific touchdown celebration that also came with the near guarantee that a FedEx envelope (translation: league fine) would be sitting in front of his locker at some point this week.

The Cowboys star was so sure he'd get pinched that he told reporters after the win over the Bucs that he'd match whatever fine he received as a donation to the Salvation Army. Then came the announcement from a league spokesman that Elliott would not be disciplined for the celebration.

Elliott said he'd donate to the famous charitable organization anyway. Happy ending, right? Well, not for some Grinches out there who believe Elliott was let off the hook while their paycheck took a hit.

First came Giants star Odell Beckham.

Later that day, Steelers standout Le'Veon Bell.

The people at Park Avenue have to be annoyed by this. If they fined Elliott, they'd get killed for punishing a player for a celebration that led to a surge in donations for the country's less fortunate. They don't fine Elliott and some of the league's biggest stars call them out for operating under a double-standard.

If I were commissioner, I would respond by fining Beckham and Bell for some nebulous infraction from Week 15. Yes, I'd be known as "The Childish Commish" and everybody would hate me.

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