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Beast Mode and Macklemore goof on Pats in new video

We never imagined Marshawn Lynch and Macklemore to be boys, but apparently there's some relationship between the veteran running back and Seattle rapper.

Lynch makes a surprise cameo in the music video for the new Macklemore track "Marmalade." We can't embed the video for our family site due to a generous offering of f-bombs -- including one from Lynch himself -- but seek it out if swear words don't erode your moral compass. The plot of the video revolves around two juvenile delinquents and their friends who commit a series of criminal offenses in the name of innocent fun. One such crime: Sneaking into an unidentified stadium to steal Tom Brady's jersey.

The kids also happen upon the below scene. That's right folks, Deflategate bits live on!

The children eventually arrive at Lynch's home and present the jersey to their football hero. Lynch accepts the jersey, opens his backyard pool to the children and says to the camera: "They got that m-----f-----, ya feel me?" Disappointingly, Lynch makes no reference to the Seahawks-PatriotsSuper Bowl gifted to Brady and Co. because Lynch didn't get that m-----f-----, you feel me on the 2-yard line.

Anyway, upon closer inspection the bond between Macklemore and Lynch makes sense. Both peaked in their respective fields at the same time in the same city. In 2013, they were like the Sinatra and JFK of Seattle. Then again, Lynch was also in a *Train video*, so who knows. Nothing makes sense.

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