Bears' Zach Miller offers spot-on take of Dr. Dre classic

"Still D.R.E." is an all-time banger from Dr. Dre that kicked off a huge career resurgence for the West Coast legend and reminded the world that Snoop Dogg was still a Randy Moss-like force. "D.R.E.", though not as popular as subsequent Dre singles, remains a must include for any old school hip-hop mix from the era.

At the heart of the 1999 single, released somewhat confusingly, on Dre's comeback record 2001 -- is a looping piano riff that serves as the backbone of the entire song. It still sounds great today, and apparently we're not the only ones with healthy appreciation for a classic.

Why, it's Chicago Bears tight end Zach Miller! Play us a song, fella!

The composition left Josh Bellamy, Miller's Bears teammate, feeling inspired himself.

"Ima put a 16 on dat," Bellamy said, a reference to putting a verse over Miller's music.

And yes, that will be my last rap translation on the End Around. Take it away, Dre.

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