Area man booked for stiffing cabbie on Lambeau trip

Let's check in on drunk people.

A Packers fan was arrested on Sunday after he stiffed a cabbie $475, the charge for a 111-mile ride from Lambeau Field to his home in Richfield, Wis.

The Sheriff's Office responded to Richfield Truck Stop at 5:27 p.m. after receiving a report from a taxi cab driver that a customer absconded without paying for a taxi fare. The cab driver, a 59-year-old City of Green Bay man, told deputies he transported a subject from Lambeau Field to Richfield. After arriving, the customer went inside the building under the guise of retrieving money from the ATM, but discreetly slipped out the back door. The reported fare due was $475.60.

I love a good "absconded" reference. Anyway, the drunk guy, 24, told police he got separated from his friends during the game, lost his cell phone and apparently resorted to ripping off a cabbie as a final resort. The cops tracked the man's path in the snow (great Wisconsin nugget there) and picked him up at a nearby bar.

"The man was arrested and given a complimentary ride to the jail where he was booked for theft."

Washington County Sheriff's Office on fire!

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