Antonio Brown declares victory in Marshall car bet

In August, Brandon Marshallmade a poor bet with Antonio Brown. Predictably, he lost that poor bet. Antonio Brown is not going to let his contemporary off the hook.

The back story: Before the season, Marshall said he would give Brown a Porsche parked outside Jets headquarters if Brown had more receiving yards than him this season. If Marshall topped Brown, the Steelers All-Pro would have to give Marshall the black-and-gold Rolls-Royce Wraith that Brown drove during training camp.

"He too old to be doing that," Brown remarked at the time.

Entering Week 17, Brown has a nearly 500-yard edge on Marshall in receiving yards. Barring an offensive performance by the Jets that rocks the foundation of the sports world, a comeback ain't coming.

Chalk up yet another loss for the almost impressively inept 2016 New York Jets.

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