Andy Reid: I'm all set with Travis Kelce dating shows

INDIANAPOLIS -- Travis Kelce's reality TV show exists in a sort of pop culture netherworld. We heard a lot about it before it premiered, but do you know anyone who actually watched an episode? Can we confidently state the program existed at all?

Thankfully, The Internet confirms that Catching Kelce was indeed a thing. (Travis picked Maya over Veronica. It didn't work out.) Kelce surely had his fun, but Chiefs coach Andy Reid doesn't need a shadowy E! production to pop up on his radar again.

"I could really do without the TV shows," Reid said Wednesday at the NFL Scouting Combine. "I like him as a football player and he's very good at that. I think he grew up a lot though, throughout the year, understands the responsibility he has being a player on our team. I think you'll continue to see that."

Reid's comments that Kelce "grew up a lot" are dubious when you remember the events surrounding the Chiefs' playoff loss to the Steelers. The tight end lost his cool and got flagged for a terrible personal foul, then after the game went off on a game official, telling reporters the ref shouldn't be allowed to work "at a f------ Foot Locker." The league fined Kelce for both the penalty and the rant.

Reid made it clear Kelce, 27, remains a work in progress.

"He's high octane," the coach said. "Not a lot of guys love to play the game more than this kid loves to play and sometimes that gets out of control. So he's gotta rein that in. He'll do that this year. He'll rein it in better than he did last year and continue to grow. As a football player, he's one of the best in the business at his possession. I would expect him to keep building on that."

You want to see that Catching Kelce proof, don't you? That's why you're still here. OK, have at it ...

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