Allen Robinson gets positive result from catch rule

Time for another edition of What's A Freaking Catch!, today with special guest Allen Robinson of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

With five minutes to place in the third quarter, Robinson got a step on Ravens cornerback Shareece Wright and pulled in a perfectly placed pass from Blake Bortles for an apparent touchdown. One problem: Wright poked the ball away from Robinson as the wideout slid out of the end zone. This prompted game officials to -- oh geez -- rule the play an incomplete pass.

Here we go.

Replays clearly showed Allen Robinson completing the process of a catch. You knew it. I knew it. Dez Bryant knew it. Megatron knew it. But that doesn't usually mean anything. I was fully prepared for another maddening explanation from Dean Blandino on NFL Network in about 24 hours.

And then ... a rumble in the ground, a scattering of the storm clouds and a burst of sunshine. Gorgeous, beautiful light. The light of TRUTH.

We did it.

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