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AFC Championship: Evil Empire vs. Rebel Alliance?

We are now just three days away from Championship Sunday.

Here's a look at what Pittsburgh Post-Gazette subscribers will be greeted with on their front step on gameday.

This should win awards. Of course, the irony of the artwork shouldn't be lost on anyone outside Western Pennsylvania. The Steelers are a 21st century conference superpower who have won six Super Bowls in their history. Ask Browns fans what they think about Pittsburgh being positioned as a scrappy underdog in any scenario.

Then again, such is the reputation of the Patriots during an unprecedented run of league dominance. They are undoubtedly the NFL's Evil Empire -- no other team is remotely close to playing the role -- so the Steelers (and, really, anyone else not coached by Bill Belichick and led by Tom Brady) get positioned as the Rebel Alliance.

This characterization isn't new, of course, but it never stops being fun.

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