Adrian Peterson reenacts famous 'Bad Lip Reading'

Here's something stupid and fun, perhaps more stupid than fun, but hey, it's a Friday in June, so let's all get off our high horses and just ... co-exist.

Everybody loves those NFL Bad Lip Reading videos. By our count (always shaky business), there have been more than 184 million views of the six YouTube entries posted by the BLR people. The most popular of which features a bonkers Adrian Peterson "exchange" with FOX's Pam Oliver. Here, fall down this wormhole, won't you?

The playful scamps over on the Saints' social media team got the idea to have Peterson reenact that famous reinterpretation during a break in Saints minicamp. All Day seems only vaguely on board with the idea, but give him credit for being a good sport.

Something tells me a few takes were necessary to get there. We'll never know.

UPDATE: The Saints come correct with the behind-the-scenes lowdown ...

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