Aaron Rodgers on big play in Pack win: 'Size matters'

If the Packers can finish this thing out and claim Super Bowl glory in Houston, Cheeseheads will never forget The Grip.

Fourth quarter, 23 seconds to play against the Cowboys, Dallas safety Jeff Heath careens toward Aaron Rodgers on a safety blitz and delivers a jarring blindside hit that knocks Rodgers to the turf. At the moment of contact, Rodgers had the ball in his right hand. His hand remained glued to the pigskin as he crashed to the ground, a minor miracle that very likely saved Green Bay's season.

It was on my list of the six crazy things that happened in the last 98 seconds of the divisional playoffs, and on Wednesday, a reporter asked how Rodgers managed not to lose possession of the football.

It's good to have "Size Matters" back on the grid. It kind of took a big step back with the advent of Big Johnson T-shirts, but the comeback is officially on. Aaron Rodgers can do anything right now.

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