Aaron Rodgers offers some insight about that tent life

It instantly became one of the great curiosities of the 2016 season: What the hell was Aaron Rodgers doing in that tent?

"I just didn't want to be getting [my leg] taped up on the television," Rodgers said after Green Bay's win over the Eagles, according to ESPN.com. "But obviously, when I walked out and saw the camera right in my face, I knew there was probably some sort of mini-story growing. But no, I had to drop my drawers a little bit to get taped up and just wanted to do [that] in the privacy of that tent."

I like that. On a night when the Packers were on the bubble, Aaron Rodgers hid in a bubble because of his awareness that he lives life inside a bubble.

The tent makes sense, by the way. For decades, players have had to huff it all the way to the locker room for this type of stuff. Erecting a little privacy area is pure logic. Good job, Packers! But what else goes on in there? Packers center Corey Linsley was unaware Rodgers was nursing a hamstring injury and believed his QB had other matters to attend to under the tent.

"Maybe he just had to go."

OK, so it's used for that, too. We can now assume Aaron Rodgers held his breath while getting taped up on Monday night.

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