Aaron Rodgers is still playing out his damn mind

This is going to sound hyperbolic, but we may be watching quarterback being played at the highest level ever right now. Like ... right now.

Last night, we had to endure Brock Osweiler for 3.5 hours. Today, we get the insane, slap-your-mama brilliance of Aaron Rodgers, who has simply overwhelmed the Cowboys in the first half at AT&T Stadium.

His lone touchdown pass is actually slightly underthrown, but gets bonus points for splitting the uprights, a.k.a. Sean Lee's two arms.

Here Rodgers throws one that drops over the earhole of Cowboys safety Byron Jones:

Rodgers doesn't even complete this pass, but he doesn't need to after he catches Dallas with too many defenders on the field. Ya see, he's smarter than every other quarterback, too:

Here's Rodgers showing his keen pocket presence and scramble ability before throwing another strike, this time to rookie Geronimo Allison:

Another pocket-flushing before Rodgers puts the football in a place only Jared Cook can catch it. This is not fair:

All this before the midway point of the second quarter. Aaron Rodgers is good. We hope he makes up with his family one day.

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