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23-year itch: No Peyton in Colts-Broncos matchup

Time for an NFL history lesson, folks.

Where were we on that weekend 23 autumns ago? Well, "Dreamlover" by a 24-year-old Mariah Carey was smack in the middle of an eight-week reign as the No. 1 single in America. This was in the sweet spot of Mariah's "Good Girl" period.

Malice, a tepid medical thriller starring Alec Baldwin and Nicole Kidman, debuted at No. 1 at the box office. No one remembers this movie, but it does have Baldwin's "I am God" speech, which is essential. "Now, go ahead and read your bible (pauses, turns up Baldwin Snark to '11') Dennis."

Bill Clinton was the President of the United States. Earlier in the year, he was sworn into office and celebrated by attending the MTV Inaugural Ball with Hillary. Tabitha Soren introduces them. Hillary enters the stage wearing an overcoat from the 1840s. Fleetwood Mac is blaring through the auditorium. This what life was like in 1993.

A week before the Colts and Broncos met in Week 5, Boy Meets World debuted on ABC. BMW is to millennials what Saved By The Bell is to the previous generation of Americans: An odd cultural touchstone that gets referenced way too much in casual conversation.

As for Peyton Manning? In October 1993, he was a senior at Newman School in New Orleans, playing on the same varsity team his brother starred on. No, not that one. Cooper, man. Cooper! Look at Peyton fly down that sideline!

And what happened in that last pre-Peyton Colts-Broncos showdown? John Elway threw for 230 yards and two scores in a 35-13 Denver win. Five years later, Manning would share the field with the quarterback who -- 14 years after that -- would sign him in free agency. History, man.

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