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2003 NFL Draft do-over: New Orleans Saints pick Troy Polamalu

Always easy to second guess the annual NFL draft when you look back. There are no-brainers and busts, wash-outs and warriors. In many cases, early picks are still going to have significant careers and impact moments. And there are players who you often wonder, well, "What were they thinking when they took that guy?"

Looking back on the 2003 NFL Draft, it's clear there were stars, contributors and busts. Given the need at quarterback, it's hard to second-guess Carson Palmer still going No. 1 overall to the Cincinnati Bengals. But the biggest surprise might be that two players who went undrafted more than one decade ago, would be top-10 selections given a do-over.

1. Cincinnati Bengals
Pick:Carson Palmer, QB
Do-Over: Same
Comment: Some might question this, but Palmer helped revitalize the franchise. It was the right move.

2. Detroit Lions
Pick:Charles Rogers, WR
Do-Over:Andre Johnson, WR
Comment:Lions go for same position, but they grab the right player.

3. Houston Texans
Pick:Andre Johnson, WR
Do-Over:Terrell Suggs, DE
Comment: With Johnson gone, this would've been the perfect solution at the time to the Texans' pass rush issues.

4. New York Jets
Pick:Dewayne Robertson, DT
Do-Over:Robert Mathis, DE
Comment: Hard to argue taking Mathis. He has only been one of the NFL's top pass rushers for the past decade.

5. Dallas Cowboys
Pick:Terence Newman, CB
Do-Over:Tony Romo, QB
Comment: For all of the heat Romo takes, he is worthy of a top-five selection.

6. New Orleans Saints
Pick:Johnathan Sullivan, DT
Do-Over:Troy Polamalu, S
Comment: Polamalu's ball-hawking skills would have been a perfect fit for the Saints.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars
Pick:Byron Leftwich, QB
Do-Over:Kevin Williams, DT
Comment: Williams in Jacksonville would have formed an awesome trio of defensive tackles, joining John Henderson and Marcus Stroud.

8. Carolina Panthers
Pick:Jordan Gross, OT
Do-Over:Antonio Gates, TE
Comment: Traditionally pretty early for a tight end, but not too early for a Hall of Fame tight end.

9. Minnesota Vikings
Pick:Kevin Williams, DT
Do-Over:Asante Samuel, CB
Comment: Samuel has been a ball magnet everywhere he has played. This would have been interesting.

10. Baltimore Ravens
Pick:Terrell Suggs, DE
Do-Over: Nnamdi Asomugha, CB
Comment: Coach Brian Billick would have paired Asomugha with Chris McAlister to give the Ravens two dominant corners.

11. Seattle Seahawks
Pick:Marcus Trufant, CB
Do-Over:Jason Witten, TE
Comment: Another tight end in the top 15, but future All-Pro Witten would've been a nice compliment to the Seahawks' running game.

12. St. Louis Rams
Pick:Jimmy Kennedy, DT
Do-Over:Anquan Boldin, WR
Comment: Can you imagine Boldin joining Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt?

13. New England Patriots
Pick:Ty Warren, DE
Do-Over: Same
Comment: He was a key contributor to New England's success. There would be no need to go in another direction.

14. Chicago Bears
Pick:Michael Haynes, DE
Do-Over:Lance Briggs, LB
Comment:Bears lucked out by sneaking away with Briggs in the third round. It's probably best not to take that chance again.

15. Philadelphia Eagles
Pick:Jerome McDougle, DE
Do-Over:Dallas Clark, TE
Comment:Andy Reid's offense would have been the perfect fit for Clark, as tight ends dominate the do-over.

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16. Pittsburgh Steelers
Pick:Troy Polamalu, S
Do-Over:Charles Tillman, CB
Comment: With Polamalu gone, Peanut Tillman would have been a great consolation pickup.

17. Arizona Cardinals
Pick:Bryant Johnson, WR
Do-Over:Ike Taylor, CB
Comment: Taylor was an incredible value pick (fourth round) for the Steelers. But he deserves to go in this portion of the draft.

18. Arizona Cardinals
Pick:Calvin Pace, DE
Do-Over:Osi Umenyiora, DE
Comment: Better choice at the 18th slot than Pace.

19. Baltimore Ravens
Pick:Kyle Boller, QB
Do-Over:Calvin Pace
Comment: After missing out on Suggs, Pace would have made sense for Billick and general manager Ozzie Newsome.

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20. Denver Broncos
Pick:George Foster, OT
Do-Over:Jordan Gross, OT
Comment:Broncos continue with need, but go with the future Pro Bowl selection from Utah.

21. Cleveland Browns
Pick:Jeff Faine, C
Do-Over: Same
Comment:Browns think about Dan Koppen, but end up staying with Faine.

22. Chicago Bears
Pick:Rex Grossman, QB
Do-Over:Ken Hamlin, S
Comment: Need at quarterback, but Chicago likes the working-man attitude of a hard-hitting safety.

23. Buffalo Bills
Pick:Willis McGahee, RB
Do-Over: Same
Comment: Hard to argue with the eventual workhorse efforts, especially given the need at the position.

24. Indianapolis Colts
Pick:Dallas Clark, TE
Do-Over:E.J. Henderson, LB
Comment: Need was for another weapon for Peyton Manning. But with none available, Indy shores up its linebacker corps.

25. New York Giants
Pick:William Joseph, DT
Do-Over:Dave Diehl, OL
Comment: Knowing what he knows now, Giants coach Jim Fassel looks to add versatility on his offensive line.

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26. San Francisco 49ers
Pick:Kwame Harris, OT
Do-Over:Wade Smith, OT
Comment: San Francisco stays with need on the line, but goes in another direction by reaching for Smith.

27. Kansas City Chiefs
Pick:Larry Johnson, RB
Do-Over: Same
Comment: Again, the needs outweigh what eventually happened. Johnson was one of the best backs in football for two seasons, which Kansas City likely would have gambled for.

28. Tennessee Titans
Pick:Andre Woolfolk, CB
Do-Over:Marcus Trufant, CB
Comment: Hard to see Trufant falling this far, but the Titans get some quality years out of this pick.

29. Green Bay Packers
Pick:Nick Barnett, LB
Do-Over: Same
Comment: This one worked out well for the Packers, as Barnett played key role on winning teams during the late part of the decade.

30. San Diego Chargers
Pick:Sammy Davis, CB
Do-Over:Rashean Mathis, CB
Comment:Chargers stay with need and dip into the small-college pool for Mathis, who proved to have a great sense for the ball.

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31. Oakland Raiders
Pick:Nnamdi Asomugha, CB
Do-Over:Brandon Lloyd, WR
Comment: Al Davis loved receivers and might have reached for a player who became a dependable wideout.

32. Oakland Raiders
Pick:Tyler Brayton, DE
Do-Over:Rex Grossman, QB
Comment: Davis also loved to gamble. Grossman defines gamble.

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