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Behind-the-Scenes on Game Day: The 60-Minute Meeting 

When athletes prepare to take the field for the season, it's important that medical personnel, coaches and staff are getting ready, too. As always, player health and safety is the #1 priority heading into any game, and those on the sidelines are prepared to step up if needed.

For the NFL, the 60-Minute Medical Meeting is a crucial piece of game day preparations. Taking place at the stadium one hour before kickoff at every game throughout the NFL season, the meeting is an essential checkpoint to ensure officials, team medical staff, and gameday medical personnel are aware of all in-game player health and safety procedures and resources.

NFL Team Behind Team Fact Sheet [08.14.23]

The following video is a training tool for participants in the meeting. It provides an overview of what is discussed during the 60-Minute Medical Meeting and shows how the meeting helps prepare medical staff and gameday personnel to be responsive to any player health and safety needs that may arise during the game.

As the video details, the meeting is a short but important component of each game day. It includes dedicated time introducing key staff to one another, reviewing logistics, assigning roles, and running through emergency action plan procedures. These sessions ensure a coordinated medical response, should one be necessary.