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Yeldon: Eddie Lacy said Alabama practices tougher than NFL's

The Jacksonville Jaguars might have found their starting running back with the selection of Alabama's T.J. Yeldon with the fourth pick of the second round (36th overall) on Friday night.

Yeldon inadvertently also might have become the Jaguars' go-to guy for quotes.

Yeldon is the fourth Alabama running back to go in the first two rounds in the past five drafts, and he was asked in a teleconference shortly after he was selected if he had talked with any of the former Alabama running backs who are in the NFL.

"I talked to (Green Bay's) Eddie (Lacy) some and he said 'the practices are much easier than at Alabama,'" Yeldon answered. "And he said that they don't have too many practices that are that hard."

We're pretty sure Lacy probably isn't all that happy that Yeldon shared the thoughts on Packers practices being relatively easy, which means Yeldon likely will be talking to Lacy again soon.

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