Which school could throw most star-studded signing day party?


Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, ever the innovator when it comes to exposure for his program, is rounding up celebrities like New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, former New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter and wrestling legend Ric Flair for a party the Wolverines will host Wednesday to celebrate National Signing Day. It will be the first signing class Harbaugh can truly call his own at Michigan, so, of course, a party is in order.

With imitation being the greatest form of flattery, one can only wonder if college coaches from other programs might follow suit. College Football 24/7 takes a look at big-time former players, celebrity fans or famous alums from eight schools that could also draw plenty of National Signing Day attention:


Invitation list: Troy Polamalu, Snoop Dogg, Ronnie Lott, Will Ferrell, Clay Matthews.

Will Ferrell and Snoop Dogg together? Clay Helton can drop the mic with this group.

Ohio State

Invitation list: LeBron James, Cris Carter, Jack Nicklaus, Bob Knight, Eddie George.

Of course, the Wolverines' top rival would never copy-cat an idea like this. We all know Urban Meyer wouldn't think of it. But as long as we're just having fun with the possibilities, how about the biggest name in basketball and the biggest name in golf at the Buckeyes' party?

Notre Dame

Invitation list: Joe Montana, Jerome Bettis, Regis Philbin, Jon Bon Jovi, Martin Sheen.

Who is the life of the party in this room? A couple of Pro Football Hall of Famers and a rock star make it a tough call. Philbin, no doubt used to being the life of every party he attends, is merely circling with a platter of hors d'oeuvres here. Sheen's plus-one, no doubt, needs to be Gordon Gekko.


Invitation list: Mike Ditka, Tony Dorsett, Dan Marino, Larry Fitzgerald, Darrelle Revis.

Ditka's cigar smoke notwithstanding, second-year Pittsburgh coach Pat Narduzzi could do a lot worse than a Hall of Famer such as Marino and two of the most accomplished active players in the NFL.


Invitation list: Joe Namath, Ozzie Newsome, Julio Jones, Condoleezza Rice, Melissa Joan Hart.

Broadway Joe's entry, fur coat and all, would be the grandest entrance listed here. Rice could get past the door man at the party for a number of schools, including Notre Dame and Stanford, but she's a Birmingham native and an Alabama fan at heart. Julio Jones was Nick Saban's first truly big-time recruit at Alabama, so he's a signing day legend for Alabama fans who follow recruiting.

Check out the top 10 players from Stanford to play in the NFL.


Invitation list: Tiger Woods, Andrew Luck, John Elway, Reese Witherspoon, Richard Sherman.

Cardinal coach David Shaw seems like the all-business type, so it's hard to imagine him putting together a list of Stanford stars for a signing day party. Still, if he could be convinced, there aren't many schools that could top his guest list.


Invitation list: Charles Barkley, Cam Newton, Frank Thomas, Bo Jackson, Tim Cook.

Newton, of course, would be busy this week. Maybe next year for him. Cook, the CEO of Apple, can foot the bill for this party, and Charles & Co. could certainly ring up Cook's tab.


Invitation list: Tommy Lee Jones, Matt Damon, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg.

OK, so Harvard isn't going to bring a bunch of NFL stars, and Ivy League football programs don't offer athletic scholarships, anyway. So this is a different kind of signing day party. But if you're looking for name recognition, the Harvard list doesn't end here; it only starts here.

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