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Brady, Jeter to attend Michigan's National Signing Day

  • By Andie Hagemann
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Jim Harbaugh is going to great lengths to secure the best possible 2016 recruiting class for the University of Michigan.

On National Signing Day -- Wednesday, Feb. 3 -- Harbaugh and Michigan's football program will host a party featuring some of the top names in sports and entertainment. Earlier this week, the university announced pro wrestling legend Ric Flair would be in attendance.

As if Harbaugh's soiree couldn't get any bigger, The Player's Tribune announced Sunday that former Wolverines Tom Brady and Derek Jeter will join Flair at Michigan's NSD. The site will also host a live stream of the event starting at 11:30 a.m. EST.

If Harbaugh's ruthless recruiting tactics aren't enough, the all-star guest list should surely turn heads for potential recruits. Of course, for those viewing the spectacle at home, this should be thoroughly entertaining as well.



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