Top 10 quarterback draft prospects since 2011

Editor's note: On Thursday's edition of NFL Network's "Path to the Draft", NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah revealed a ranking of the top 10 quarterback prospects since 2011, a list that included prospects in the 2016 NFL Draft. This is a breakdown of how the quarterbacks were rated coming out of college, and doesn't take into account how that quarterback has performed in the NFL.

1. Andrew Luck (2012 draft, No. 1 overall): He was about as flawless a quarterback prospect as I can remember. He was the highest grade I've ever given to a quarterback in my time of scouting. He checked every single box.

2. Cam Newton (2011 draft, No. 1 overall): You talk about somebody with a unique skill set. He had a rare size, speed combination. Newton was somebody who in the biggest moments played his absolute best.

3. Robert Griffin III (2012 draft, No. 2 overall): Coming out of college, I had a huge grade on RGIII. He was in that same draft class with Andrew Luck, and he could do some things that Luck couldn't do. So there's a reason why you could get excited about RGIII; the mobility, the live arm, and he was very accurate coming out of Baylor.

4. Jameis Winston (2015 draft, No. 1 overall): He just got better each and every week throughout his rookie season. At Florida State, you saw somebody who took command and control of that offense. The big knock on him was those interceptions in his last year at Florida State.

5. Teddy Bridgewater (2014 draft, No. 32 overall): Bridgewater famously had a poor pro day, but then was able to get in with a team, the Minnesota Vikings, and offensive coordinator, Norv Turner, that was a good matchup for him. I think he's going to develop into a very good quarterback. Coming out of Louisville, I loved the accuracy, and the toughness is what stood out the most to me.

6. Marcus Mariota (2015 draft, No. 2 overall): Coming out of Oregon, the offense was a criticism. You knew the ability was there, and he had a great rookie season cut short by injury. Mariota's a special athlete with the potential to be a great quarterback.

7. Carson Wentz (2016 draft): This is kind of the company he keeps, which is good company here right next to Marcus Mariota.

8. Jared Goff (2016 draft): He has a very similar grade to Wentz. I love the accuracy and toughness, which is very similar to Bridgewater.

9. Johnny Manziel (2014 draft, No. 22 overall): There are some players that have played better than Manziel at the NFL level, but this is where I had him coming out of college.

10. Blake Bortles (2014 draft, No. 3 overall): This is my third QB in that draft class -- Bridgewater, Manziel, then Bortles, and then Derek Carr. Carr, grade-wise, did not make this top 10, which shows I made a mistake on that one.

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