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Pittsburgh plunge! Steelers pass rusher T.J. Watt takes accidental dip while cleaning his pool

NFL players might be the crème de la crème of professional athletes, but even the very best of them -- like, oh, say, a three-time All-Pro with five Pro Bowls in six seasons who tied the all-time single-season sack record -- have their moments when they look just like the rest of us plebs.

Pittsburgh Steelers star pass rusher T.J. Watt provided us with a reminder Thursday, posting security footage of himself slipping into his pool while straining a layer of debris.

First off, my favorite part of this video is that even his dog was like, "What, what? That didn't just really happen to you, did it? You don't really need help. It's like three feet deep. Do you need help? OK, I'll come over to check just in case."

Secondly, it's always nice to see professional athletes doing mundane tasks like straining their pool in May. It's a reminder that even superstar players still have their list of chores in the offseason.

Lastly, thankfully Watt came out fine -- TBD on that phone, though -- or this accidental pool dive would have been a much bigger story for Steelers fans.

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