Proposal allows for player opt-outs of season with written notice 

As the NFL and NFLPA continue to negotiate the economic proposal to deal with predicted steep revenue decreases due to COVID-19, how a player might opt out of the 2020 season remains a discussion point.

NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported part of the NFL's proposal sent to the NFLPA allows for any player to opt out with written notice by August 1.

It's the first time a date has been tagged to potential opt-outs. The union and league have planned an opt-out option for players with pre-existing conditions, family members with pre-existing conditions, or those with general concerns about playing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport added that once a player exercises opting out, it would be irrevocable, and a team could not negotiate with the player, although he could still be traded. The measure was designed to prevent holdouts disguised as opt-outs.

Several players in the NBA and MLB have decided to sit out their respective sports' return to action. It's unknown how many NFL players would consider skipping the season, but several veterans have already offered thoughts of trepidation as we press toward the season.

Rookies for the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans have been instructed to report for COVID-19 testing on Monday, July 20. Veterans for those teams are scheduled to report July 25. Rookies for the other 30 clubs are slated to report next week, with veterans scheduled for July 28.

The Aug. 1 opt-out date is part of ongoing league and union negotiations. It's unclear, given the dates of reporting, whether a player would be permitted to report and then opt out.

NFL owners are scheduled to hold a conference call Friday to discuss the latest in COVID-19 talks between the union and league.

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