NFL owners to have call Friday related to labor disagreements

The divide on key issues between the NFL and NFLPA remains, with hope resting on a Friday call involving NFL owners.

NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported the NFL sent a counterproposal to the NFLPA Tuesday evening that didn't budge on several key points. The league maintains it wants to play two preseason games, while a positive test for COVID-19 will not be covered by injury protections, and there will not be daily testing.

An NFLPA source echoed general managers in saying "we still don't have answers," per Pelissero.

NFL owners have a call scheduled Friday for an update, Pelissero reported. Under the new CBA, rookies for two teams can report as early as Saturday, and for all 32 teams Tuesday, making the Friday call a critical one in an important period of negotiation.

The NFLPA and NFL participated in a call Monday centered around working through economic issues brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and held another call Tuesday that was focused on health and safety, both of which preceding the league's most recent counterproposal. With time running short, more communication can be expected as we near the start of training camp.

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