Mike Mayock: Nebraska's Randy Gregory needs to add weight

NFL Media analyst Mike Mayock held an almost-three-hour teleconference Monday in advance of the NFL Scouting Combine. Here are some snippets of what he said about a number of players:

» On Nebraska DE Randy Gregory: "At 6-6, 240, I would hope that he can put another 15 or 20 pounds on in the next couple of years. You'd love to see him at 260 or so, so he can be a little more physical. That's where he needs to get better. He needs to be a little more physical in the attack and run game, but he's got everything you want as a potential pass-rushing maniac at the next level. He's got hips, he's got speed, he's got quickness. He can flip his hips and come up-and-under. And I love the length; length and explosion are the differences for him as a pass rusher." Combine workout day: Sunday.

» On Washington DT Danny Shelton: "Shelton is a top-10 pick for me. I love him. Reminds me of Haloti Ngata. I think everybody sees that comparison. Powerful, better feet than you think, and I'm surprised at how many snaps he can play at a high level." Combine workout day: Sunday.

» On Florida State QB Jameis Winston: "He's a pocket aware guy. He throws with anticipation and timing, which is unusual in today's college football world. He's tough. He gets smacked in the face. He delivers the football. I think the bigger concern is whether or not this guy can be the face of your franchise. Let's face it: He was the face of the Florida State franchise and that didn't stop him from making a bunch of bad decisions off the field." Combine workout day: Saturday.

» On Iowa OT Brandon Scherff: "When I look at Brandon Scherff, I see a similar example (to current Dallas Cowboys G Zack Martin, a college tackle who has been moved inside). I see a bigger kid with longer arms. That lends you to believe that he could play outside more easily. Again, I believe he can play outside. However, I think his best position, because of his power, his toughness, his football sense, is inside. I think he's an All-Pro guard. But that doesn't mean he can't play tackle in the NFL." Combine workout day: Friday.

» On Texas DT Malcom Brown: "Malcom Brown to me is a first-round guy all day long. Love his size. He's 6-2, 320. He's stout versus the run. He can push the edge, push the pocket. I think he'll go somewhere in the 20s, between 20 and 32. ... He's a low-risk investment and a really good football player." Combine workout day: Sunday.

» On Florida State WR Rashad Greene: "He gets overlooked a little bit too much. His production got better every single year. He's one of the best route runners in this year's class. He's quick. He understands the game. He has good hands. What he needs to show this week is some speed. Everybody knows his quickness. I think most of the teams want to know what he runs that 40 in." Combine workout day: Saturday.

» On LSU CB Jalen Collins: "I think Jalen Collins, the underclassman from LSU, is really intriguing. He's 6-2. ... He's a press corner, not afraid to play in your face, will tackle. Understands how to play the game, has some physicality about him. I think he's going to be a first-round pick." Combine workout day: Monday.

» On Washington LB Shaq Thompson: "Shaq Thompson is one of the most fun guys to watch on tape this year. I know GMs were looking at him as a running back, linebacker and safety, most teams as a linebacker. I've got him as a safety. I think he can be a Kam Chancellor-type on first down in your base and then drop down and play linebacker in your dime, and that's really important in today's world." Combine workout day: Sunday.

» On Ohio State DT Michael Bennett: "I like Michael Bennett. He needs to be in a system where he plays '3 technique' in a 4-3. (Ohio State coaches) move him a lot. I think his quickness and explosion is what sets him apart. He can get overwhelmed a little bit at the point of attack just because of size, but that's where the movement helps. I would expect he's going to go somewhere in the second round, and I think it's his movement skills and his quickness that separates him." Combine workout day: Sunday.

» On UCF WR Breshad Perriman: "I put the Perriman tape on about three weeks ago and I almost fell over. And then I had a bunch of people tell me he didn't have good hands and, boy, do I disagree with that, even though he's got more drops than he should. There's kind of a way to interpret that. A wide receiver who has too many drops should have bad hands, right? Well, I look at his hands and say he makes acrobatic catches, he makes high-point catches, he makes contested catches. However, once in a while he drops an easy ball, but I think he's a natural hands catcher. I think he's got height and weight. I think he runs good routes. To me, he looks like a first-round wide receiver. I need to see what he's going to run this week. If he runs 4.50, 4.48, 4.51, people are going to be looking at him as a potential first-round wide receiver, and they should." Combine workout day: Saturday.

» On Oregon DL Arik Armstead: "I think Arik Armstead from Oregon is an intriguing guy, especially in the 3-4. He can play any one of the three positions. He's 6-8, 290, and he's a baby right now. He's going to grow into something immense, and he's got great skills." Combine workout day: Sunday.

» On Colorado State QB Garrett Grayson: "Garrett Grayson from Colorado State is one of those guys that does everything pretty well. No real elite traits. I like the kid. I think he's a strong backup quarterback candidate." Combine workout day: Saturday.

» On Florida State DE Mario Edwards Jr.: "From my perspective, he's an intriguing prospect because he flashes talent but not consistency. If he was a more consistent player, I think we'd be talking about him a little bit higher in the draft. I like his height, weight, speed, but I think he's going to be more a third-round pick." Combine workout day: Sunday.

» On LSU LB Kwon Alexander: "Kwon Alexander is a linebacker that can run. Heavy production this year. I think he fits what today's NFL is, which is they're getting smaller and faster at the linebacker position. I think he's probably a third- or fourth-round linebacker. I think he can fit any scheme. He can run. He's not quite as much a downhill thumper, but that's the old-school NFL. He fits what the NFL is today." Combine workout day: Sunday.

» On Miami LB Denzel Perryman: "Perryman is fun to watch on tape. He flies around. Reminds me of a Jon Beason. Everybody said he was too small. All he does is make plays." Combine workout day: Sunday.

» On Duke G Laken Tomlinson: "This is a big, square, tough guy. Smart as can be. Has movement in the run game. Surprisingly quick in short areas. I think he really helped himself at the Senior Bowl. I think a lot of the doubters as far as his athleticism and ability to pass block went, 'Ooh, he's blocking some of the best defensive linemen in the country.' I think he's a really good player." Combine workout day: Friday.

» On Auburn C Reese Dismukes: "Reese Dismukes is a really smart, tough football player. And if I've learned one thing in the last 10 years it's that smart, tough, interior offensive linemen play in the league for a long time. He might not go 'til the fourth or fifth round, but it doesn't matter. He's a smart, tough center; he'll find his way in the NFL." Combine workout day: Friday.

» On Northern Iowa RB David Johnson: "Intriguing kid, tremendous size at running back, combined with an ability to catch the football. ... My one nitpick with him would be given his size at 225, 230 pounds, I'd like him to be more consistently physical instead of just kind of bracing for contact. I'd like to see him embrace contact. I'd like to see him be more physical and finish. But I think at this point I've got a third-round grade on him, and he could go even higher." Combine workout day: Saturday.

» On Fresno State S Derron Smith: "I like his ball skills. He's more of a centerfielder, catches the ball well, tracks it well, good feet, good movement skills, will tackle. The only downsize is his size. He's only 5-11, 195. That worries me both from a tackling situation and also matching up with tight ends." Combine workout day: Monday.

» On South Alabama QB Brandon Bridge: "Brandon Bridge is interesting. I saw him make a comment that said he could extend plays and he had the best arm of anybody at the combine. He's got a live arm. He's got a whip -- 6-5. I'm anxious to watch him throw. He's a project. He's very raw. He has no clue what he's doing. I watched -- I think it was his Navy game. He brought them back and almost won the game late, lost on a two-point conversion. He's got a whip; it's just he has no idea what he's doing yet." Combine workout day: Saturday.

» On Delaware TE Nick Boyle: "The in-line tight end that's a great blocker and also receiver is getting more and more rare. There just aren't that many (Brent) Celeks. The guy from Dallas (Jason Witten) obviously has been doing it for years. Heath Miller in Pittsburgh. Those guys are disappearing, mostly because they're not coming out of the college game. Most everybody is a hybrid in college football these days. That helps (Boyle). I like him. Nick Boyle is a 270-pound guy who I thought had a better Senior Bowl week than he actually had during the season. He played tight end, he played H-back, he played fullback all Senior Bowl week. I think he opened some eyes. I think he showed a little more athleticism. I don't think he's Brent Celek as far as getting down the field and catching the football. I think he's limited in the pass game. But because he's got such an upside as an in-line blocker, H-back, fullback, I think he's a valuable commodity." Combine workout day: Friday.

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