Mark Ingram: 'I want to play ball' but it needs to be 'safe'

An unprecedented NFL season surrounded by unknowns due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is getting closer and closer.

As details still need to be worked out regarding training camp structure and preseason games, NFL players are also expressing their concern.

For Ravens running back Mark Ingram, his desire is to play football, but he stressed the backdrop of safety.

"I'm basically just listening to the updates from the team, from the [players association], from the league and, I want to play ball, but I think it needs to be in a safe, effective and efficient way," Ingram said Wednesday in an interview clip that aired on NFL Total Access. "I know there's standards and protocols and guidelines and all that to make sure everybody's healthy and safe. And we're doing everything to make sure nobody's at risk. I'm hopeful that we'll be playing."

Baltimore is the reigning AFC North champion and is locked and loaded with returning talent, so there's plenty of reason for Ingram and Co. to hit the field, but obviously it will not be football as usual.

Going forward as the start of training camp stands at July 28, protocols have been established for teams and they've been told to plan on camps starting on time. An agreement regarding preseason games still remains to be decided.

And hope for a safe and successful season remains for Ingram.

Ingram's interview will air in full on Thursday's edition of NFL Total Access, which begins at 7 p.m. ET on the NFL Network.

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