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Jeremiah: Johnny Manziel did everything he needed on pro day

Anybody hear any 2014 NFL Draft buzz on Thursday? No? Must have been a quiet day.

Oh yeah, there was that kid Johnny Manziel's pro day. In fact, it was pretty much the biggest thing on the NFL pro day circuit in decades.

Beyond the hoopla, though, there was an actual workout in front of all but two NFL teams. NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah watched every throw by Manziel and was one of many who came away impressed.

"I thought he had a solid day," Jeremiah said. "I liked the anticipation and throwing on time. You know you're a big-time prospect when LeBron James is tweeting about your pro day."

That's true. James did send out a message about Manziel's workout, which would be impressive, if not for the fact that the two are in business together. They're also in a McDonald's commercial together, but that's neither here nor there.

Jeremiah had Manziel as his 10th-best prospect in the draft coming into Thursday, but it remains a possibility that he gets bumped up slightly when the updated rankings come out.

In his latest mock draft, Jeremiah also slotted Manziel to the Vikings with the seventh overall pick, and it just so happens head coach Mike Zimmer was in College Station to see the throwing session.

"I thought he did everything he needed to do," Jeremiah said. "This is what a pro day is supposed to look like."

Perhaps he was also referring to Manziel making the unusual choice of throwing in pads, and not that President George H.W. Bush was one of the onlookers in the crowd.

Either way, it was a good day for Johnny Football.

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