Former Bears GM: Winston would be top pick in 2014 if eligible


Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston would be the first pick in the 2014 draft if he were eligible, former longtime NFL personnel man Jerry Angelo said.

"He'd be the first pick in the draft. I can say that unequivocally, because he does have the traits," Angelo told USA Today Sports.

Angelo spent 31 years in the NFL and was the Chicago Bears' GM from 2001-11.

Winston, who won the Heisman last weekend, is a redshirt freshman and won't be draft-eligible until 2015.

One defensive coach who faced Winston this season told USA Today Sports that Winston "is the most NFL-ready quarterback that I've had the privilege of preparing for. I'm not saying he's Peyton Manning, but he's pretty darn close, man." (The USA Today story doesn't say whether the source ever coached against Manning.)

Angelo said it is important for Winston to get as many college snaps as possible.

"When you get to the NFL, it's no longer about training you," Angelo said. "You're going to be thrown into the fire -- in most cases, way before you're ready, and in most cases with a poor supporting cast, not a great one, because the teams that draft you aren't very good.

"For a kid to come into that dynamic, he's got to be ready."

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