Ex-Michigan WR Csont'e York sentenced to seven days in jail

Former Michigan wide receiver Csont'e York was sentenced Friday to seven days in jail for two misdemeanor assault convictions.

York punched one man, breaking his jaw and knocking him unconscious, and pushed another man during a July 18 incident outside an Ann Arbor bar. Michigan suspended York on Aug. 3 and announced he had been dismissed from the football team on Aug. 18. York is currently enrolled at the University of Toledo.

York pleaded guilty to assault and assault and battery on Sept. 22.

The victim of the punch did not ask for York to serve jail time, according to the Detroit Free Press, but Judge Elizabeth Pollard Hines decided the punishment was in order.

"I feel very strongly that some jail term is appropriate to hold you accountable so you can reflect on your actions and see that your behavior will not be tolerated," Hines said from the bench, per the Free Press. "In balancing all those factors -- accountability, rehabilitation, considering protecting the community and the wishes of victim in this case -- I'm going to sentence you to 365 days in jail. I'm suspending the rest, and you will serve seven of those days."

York must also pay $2,134.70 to cover the medical bills of the man he punched. He began serving the sentence immediately, but will split it up, serving four days and then returning to jail Oct. 31 to serve the remaining three days. It will be the only jail time he serves as long as he completes his two-year probation.

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