Eddie Lacy for Montee Ball? Strange but true trades

The trading deadline has come and gone in most fantasy leagues. All that remains is the final week of the regular season and then it's time for PLAYOFFS! But as we end this season of Trade Calls, we turn it over to you to talk about some of the great deals you pulled off this season.

This deal isn't terribly lopsided, but I'd certainly rather be on the Green/Lacy end of things. What's amazing is that you were able to pull this deal off in Week 11. Guessing someone got tired of waiting for A.J. Green to come around.

As a USC alum, it sorta hurts my heart to see you deal a Trojan. But as a fantasy enthusiast ... Fight on! That's gold.

What I wrote above goes double for you. That trade looked like a steal even back in August.

I'm going to hope you mean Daniel Thomas. Because if you mean Demaryius Thomas, I'm going to have to ask for entry into your league next season.

Someone in your league must have really been hurting for a wide receiver. Considering the inconsistent production Brandon Marshall has given them all season, they're still hurting for a wide receiver.

That sound you hear is me calling the fantasy police to report you for robbery.

SoMuchGrahams. So much larceny.

Since you're obviously so good at seeing into the future, can you tell me if I should spend my hard earned money on this?


Until next season ... may the trades be ever in your favor.

Marcas Grant is a fantasy editor for NFL.com. Follow him on Twitter @MarcasG.

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