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Draft stock watch: Ranking teams' interest in Jameis Winston

With private workouts and visits to various NFL club facilities filling the March and April calendars of Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, the 2015 NFL Draft's top two quarterbacks couldn't be busier trying to sell their merits as top-end first-round draft picks. Here is a look at some of the teams believed to have the highest interest in each, and how they've shown it:

Why the Buccaneers are a good fit: The Buccaneers desperately need a franchise quarterback who can turn the offense around and deliver big numbers with Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans on the outside. Winston gives them the best chance for one, and he could do it in short order.

 **Why the Buccaneers could pass:** At three organizational tiers -- head coach, general manager and owner -- the 
 Buccaneers have expressed confidence in Winston's character. If that's all a smokescreen and there are real concerns about his maturity, perhaps the Bucs could take a defensive player or trade down to get Mariota. 
 **When Winston visited:** Tampa Bay officials checked out 
 a Winston workout at FSU on April 8. He also 
 visited the Buccaneers' facility in early March. 

Why the Titans are a good fit: If the Buccaneers were to shock the league and pass on Winston, he'd be hard for coach Ken Whisenhunt to pass on. There is plenty of uncertainty at quarterback in Tennessee, and Winston could make the offense instantly better.

 **Why the Titans could pass:** 
 The club has expressed some optimism for second-year pro 
 Zach Mettenberger. If that optimism is genuine, and the club is crazy about USC defensive lineman Leonard Williams, why add another quarterback? 
 **When Winston visited:** The 
 brought Winston to Nashville for a pre-draft visit on April 11, and went to FSU for 
 a private workout as well. 

Why the Jets are a good fit: Patience in Geno Smith is understandably wearing thin with the fan base, even if a new coaching staff buys him some fresh capital. Winston falling to No. 6 seems extremely unlikely, so if New York wants him, a trade-up would almost certainly be necessary.

 **Why the Jets could pass:** If he falls that far, they couldn't. Why might they pass on a trade-up opportunity? The price of moving up could be prohibitive, not to mention the circus any off-field problems for Winston would be if they occurred in the Big Apple. 
 **When Winston visited:** Although the date is unclear, NFL Media's Ian Rapoport confirmed Winston has 
 a pre-draft visit pending with the 
 Jets. New coach Todd Bowles also confirmed the club 
 will put Winston through a private workout. 

More Winston draft buzz: NFL Media analyst Bucky Brooks names the very three teams above as the three best draft fits for Winston. ... The Chicago Bears -- owners of the No. 7 overall draft selection -- will host Winston for a visit on April 15-16. ... The St. Louis Rams, who hold the No. 10 pick and traded for quarterback Nick Foles in the offseason, are headed to FSU for a private workout with Winston. ... Former NFL coach Steve Mariucci got a chance to put Winston on the white board, and came away raving about his understanding of the game.

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