Daniel Jeremiah's 2018 NFL Draft Day 1 takeaways

After an exciting first night of the 2018 NFL Draft, NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah had a few takeaways.

Overall thoughts on Round 1: It started off with a bang. When the Baker Mayfield stuff came down last night we were all skeptical, but that ended up being legitimate. And then the Browns selecting Denzel Ward kind of surprised people as well. That started it off.

I thought when the Saints came charging up, it was kind of a high mark. We were thinking, "Is this Lamar Jackson? Is this Lamar Jackson?" And it's actually somebody to try and help Drew Brees win another Super Bowl, in Marcus Davenport. That was a surprise. And then you ended it off with a bang with Lamar Jackson.

Best value picks: The Cardinals not having to give up that much to get Josh Rosen was good. I thought Derwin James falling in the lap of the Chargers was a home run pick. Those kind of stood out. And Mike Hughes going to Minnesota was a great value pick.

On the lack of WRs: I only had one going in my mock draft. I thought we'd see these guys drop a little bit. We'll see a bunch of them go in Day 2.

Biggest surprises:Rashaad Penny and Terrell Edmunds were probably the two most surprising picks.

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