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Could Derek Carr be first QB taken in 2014 NFL Draft?

Could you envision a scenario in which Fresno State's Derek Carr is the first quarterback taken in the 2014 NFL Draft?

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  • Charles Davis
  • Carr-to-Titans makes so much sense

In my latest mock draft I have the Titans, led by their new QB-friendly head coach, Ken Whisenhunt, making Carr the first QB off the board. There are more than a few QB-needy teams in the top 10, but all were proactive in the offseason, ensuring their rosters had a quarterback with previous starting experience in the NFL, so the need might not be quite as acute. In addition, the Browns have a second pick in the first round (26), so they might have an additional reason to wait on a QB. Tennessee also has QBs on its roster that have been starters in Jake Locker and Matt Hasselbeck, but Carr seems to be a player that the Titans really like, and a good place for the surprise first QB to land.

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  • Daniel Jeremiah
  • This doesn't seem like a realistic scenario

The only scenario I could see Carr being the first quarterback taken is if every team passes on Johnny Manziel in the first 10 picks and the Titans have their choice of QBs. Carr fits what Ken Whisenhunt wants to do in Tennessee. The problem is, I don't think teams like Jacksonville at No. 3, Cleveland at No. 4, and Minnesota at No. 8 will all pass on a quarterback. I think there's a better chance Carr lands with the Titans then those other teams in the top 10 all pass on a signal caller.

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  • Gil Brandt
  • All it takes is one team

While I think Manziel is the best player in this draft and will be a real difference-maker in the NFL, you couldn't argue with a team that has Carr higher on its board. Carr has the ability, the arm strength and is very smart. He's deserving to be in the discussion of the draft's top QB. Remember the 1983 draft? Dan Marino was the fifth quarterback taken, 20 spots behind Todd Blackledge, whom the Chiefs fell in love with. All it takes is one team. I could see the Buccaneers being that team with Carr at No. 7; OC Jeff Tedford is very familiar with him. It's possible.

I can absolutely see a scenario in which Carr is the first quarterback drafted, but that probably says more about teams passing on other guys than it does Carr's talent. It starts with Houston waiting until the second round to take a quarterback and Jacksonville going with defense with the third overall pick instead of taking somebody like Manziel. The Browns likely won't use the fourth pick on a quarterback, and the Raiders can't afford to pass up on a positional player given Matt Schaub's presence on the roster and the win-now mentality in Oakland. That leaves the Vikings and Titans as possibilities, and it wouldn't surprise me to see Carr wind up in Tennessee as the first quarterback taken given GM Rick Spielman's recent comments.

I find it hard (impossible?) to believe a team would think Carr is the top quarterback in this draft. Thus, I cannot see a scenario where he is the first quarterback selected.

There is no doubt Carr could be first off the board at his position. The recipe has but two ingredients: 1) Just one team that rates him above all others; and 2) No quarterbacks being chosen ahead of that particular club's pick. Is it likely? No. Impossible? Also, no.

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