Ask 5: Who's most polarizing prospect in 2018 NFL Draft?

MOBILE, Ala. -- Every year there are draft prospects that are really easy evaluations and the discussion about them in the draft room is brief because everyone has similar grades for the player. However, there are also players with grades that are all over the map. You could have a healthy debate about the polarizing player for a long while, and there still might not be a consensus on him at the end of the day.

With that in mind, I reached out to five NFL executives and asked them this question: Who's the most polarizing prospect in this year's draft? A couple of the players mentioned are competing here at the Reese's Senior Bowl. Here are the execs' answers.

Executive 1: Wyoming QB Josh Allen
"We've got enormously high grades and really low grades for him. There's no middle ground on him."

Executive 2: LSU OLB Arden Key
"We had guys who had huge grades on him coming into the season and they plummeted during the season. We're still trying to sort him out."

Executive 3: Allen
"The accuracy issue with him is going to be a big debate in our room. Some people can explain it. Others can't get over it."

Executive 4: Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield
"Some guys have concerns about the size and character, and some think he's a little overrated as an athlete. Other people are all in on him."

Executive 5: Texas-San Antonio DE Marcus Davenport
"The early grades were good but not great. The big grades have come rolling in later in the process. I imagine we'll have a pretty good discussion on him."

Summary: That's two votes for Allen and one apiece for Key, Mayfield and Davenport.

Conclusion: The player mentioned that I probably struggle with the most is Key. The flashes are so impressive, but there are times when he's lethargic and blends into the scenery. You expect more from a guy with his ability. For the QBs mentioned, it reinforces that the Senior Bowl is a great opportunity for them to begin to change perceptions. By the end of the week, we'll have a better feel for both of them.

That said, I still think these guys could be polarizing within draft rooms throughout the whole process. They'll have their fans and their detractors.

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