Ask 5: Which NFL team is the best fit for Baker Mayfield?

Baker Mayfield has had a remarkable 2017 season, and I believe he's helped his draft stock as much as any player in college football.

However, there is plenty of debate about how well he's suited to play at the next level. Does his skill set translate to the NFL? That's something personnel departments around the league will discuss thoroughly over the next few months. This got me thinking ... which NFL team would be the best fit for Mayfield? I reached out to five different league executives to get their opinion on the topic. Here are their answers.

Executive 1:Arizona Cardinals
"He would be a perfect fit in Arizona. He has the same style and swagger to match the head coach. I think (Bruce) Arians would love him."

Executive 2:Los Angeles Chargers
"I could see the Chargers being a good fit. You have a No. 1 receiver in Keenan Allen. You have a No. 1 back in (Melvin) Gordon. They drafted Mike Williams, another weapon when healthy. Hunter Henry, a young reliable safety net. Invested in the OL with (Forrest) Lamp, when he comes back healthy. Also, (Anthony) Lynn had a mobile/active QB in Tyrod (Taylor) when he was in Buffalo. Let him sit behind (Philip) Rivers for a year or two. He and Rivers both have a fiery competitiveness on the field. Perfect fit."

Executive 3:New Orleans Saints
"Drew Brees is getting up there in age and Mayfield would benefit from learning under him for a couple years before taking over. He fits that system well."

Executive 4:Jacksonville Jaguars
"With that defense and run game, he could start right away in Jacksonville. He wouldn't be asked to do too much and he's a clear upgrade over their current starter."

Executive 5:Buffalo Bills
"Mayfield isn't as athletic as Tyrod Taylor but he's a much better passer. I think he would be the starter as soon as he arrived."

Summary: That's one vote apiece for the Bills, Cardinals, Chargers, Jaguars and Saints.

Conclusion: I like the group of teams mentioned above. I think Mayfield would be a good fit with each of those clubs. However, if I had to pick one that fits him best, I would go with the Chargers. Getting the opportunity to learn from Rivers for a couple years could do wonders for his career. He wouldn't be forced into action right away and he would have a pretty impressive group of young skill players to grow with for the next decade.

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