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Ask 5: Which college football edge rusher is best NFL prospect?

We've seen rookie edge rushers make an immediate impact in the NFL over the last few seasons. Guys like Khalil Mack, Joey Bosa and (when healthy) Myles Garrett have shown the ability to dominate NFL offensive tackles. So, who's next? I reached out to five NFL executives and asked them which college edge rusher is the best NFL prospect. Here are their answers.

Executive 1: LSU's Arden Key
"(Key) has been improving each week. Best speed rusher with length and a great motor when he's in shape."

Executive 2: Key
"It's Key (based on) who I've seen, but I don't love him at all. He plays with a serious governor. I haven't seen the N.C. State kid (Bradley Chubb), who I'm hearing is pretty good."

Executive 3: N.C. State's Bradley Chubb
"Chubb is the guy. I love his combination of size, quicks, power and relentlessness. He's in the backfield a lot ... go watch the Louisville game."

Executive 4: Chubb
"Chubb can play both the run and pass, he's good with his hands, has a high motor, great instincts. He's not an elite rusher but he's very good."

Executive 5: Chubb
"I thought it would be Key, but he's not the same guy this year. I'd go with Chubb. Great player and his motor never stops."

Summary: That's 3 votes for Chubb and 2 for Key.

Conclusion: This was a 2-man competition between Chubb and Key. I would take Chubb over Key based on what I saw from them earlier this fall, although it sounds like Key has been playing much better lately -- 5 of his 5.5 tackles for loss this season have come in the past 3 games. I was a little surprised Boston College's Harold Landry didn't receive any votes. He's a natural edge rusher with the ability to bend, wrap and finish on the edge.

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